Terms and Conditions:

All communication between Digitized-it and Project owner will be in writing, whether as a paper document, or through emails. In case any of the parties fails to reply to an email then after week from the date of sending the same the other party will treat the contents of that emails as accepted without prejudice.

Even though Project Owner is not the end user, but is the main project contractor, all terms and conditions of this proposal will apply to both project owner end user and it is up project owner to protect their interests with their client/end user.

The costing is provided based on a maximum number of indexes on document level and the sub-classification on file level.

If & when the total file or document quantity crosses the quantity provision, pricing & billing of that particular document type will then star to be on per file or per document basis & not on per image basis. In case Client/End User would like to continue processing remaining volumes, then the billing will be per file/document basis and not per image basis.

Any change request during and after the proposal date would entail a revision in the project time-line and pricing.

An invoice will be issued specifying the quantity of images released.

Digitized-it warrants all its deliverable from time of project handover. Warranty does not cover back-up images & meta-data after project handover, as well as no warranty is given on loss or alteration of images and meta-data if the clients uses their own search tool or any other medium.

Important: To facilitate clients, we also provide and manage digitization process with the latest information and guidelines which keeps us to develops the membership together for the industry what cannot be done individually.