Digitized-it is a global leader in digitization services with focus on customer-centric goals to furnish finest quality services with a great manpower through quality services, headquarters in New Delhi. We are leading Technology partners, committed, determined, confident and farsighted to meet the demands of customer's within shortest possible lag turnaround time and put every effort to simplify things for the customer's to give peace, calm and satisfaction where both money and time will be wasted. We also provide in-house utility services to the customer's.

Our professional team work closely on each and every project and designed a plan to provide services to meet specific need of customer with time. We have capabilities, flexibility and service commitment to our customer's and their specific needs. Digitized-it is a reliable partner that provide high quality, timely services at a fair price.

  • Designed to convert, preserve, transmit and store the data acquired from books, paper documents, periodicals or image form digitally.
  • Based in India and serving clients across the globe.
  • Intelligent web-based records management software.
  • Globe outlook, hands-on expertise & committed to clientele's success.

"We use our best available technology for digitization process"
"100% Satisfaction Guarantee"

Designed to convert, preserve, transmit and store the data acquired from books, paper documents, periodicals or image form digitally.

Based in India and serving clients across the globe.

Intelligent web-based records management software.

Globe outlook, hands-on expertise & committed to clientele's success.

Digitized-it is one of the primary caretakers responsible for digitization services globally to transform documents/items into digital formats. Using advanced technology and equipment's we are able to handle any kind of documents properly. We digitize such varied objects, text, image, sound, document or any other items also. Our primary mission is to convert these items in suitable digital form for transmission and computer processing. Digitized-it helps to preserve the original copy long past what its life would have been as a physical holding.

Digitized-it is one of the leading company in the field of Digitization services with managing billions of records annually and converting them into digital format which can be access from anywhere anytime quickly with the highest level of quality. We have ability to solve complex challenges given to us everyday. We can easily convert, store, manage documents of customer's to meet their specific needs. Digitized-it members ensure the quality of the air we breathe, promote energy efficiency, produce and provide the vital service to our prime customers. Digitized-it is a highly specialized Company focusing primarily on Government sector and Consular Services. With a dynamic and highly experienced team, Digitized-it has successfully digitized sensitive and critical Government Documents and continues to establish itself as a leader in this arena.

We are providing Scanning & Digitization services worldwide that handle and scan close to 4 million Documents, nearly 60 million pages annually. Digitized-it provides services for the Government as well as Corporate Sectors and already has many projects and services delivered successfully. Digitized-it is at the leading and important position in Document Scanning industry. We are famous for our meticulous attentions to detail as well as our cutting-edge Document Scanning and Digitization Solutions, but it's our brick-and-mortar services that function as the foundation for our business that enable complete satisfaction for all our high profile Customers. Our Teams expertise in Document management, coupled with robust document archiving solutions, enable organizations to have a single window into their documents and records, whether paper or electronic, active or inactive.

  1. It's hard to keep the records safe and secure, especially when world has become increasingly dependent upon computer and technology for everyday personal and business operations. Paying huge amount for storing physical documents or files every month in storage room can be stressful and painful. It's hard to maintain records, when there are chances of lost, stolen, destroyed, etc. of documents/files. Maintaining records usually takes time, more costly, which can be hectic and inconvenient for the client's.
  2. Digitized-it is pretty much sure to have answers to your record storage challenges, even if we haven't seen exactly the same before. Digitized-it has the depth and breadth of documents storage knowledge to covert and protect your documents/items/records into digital formats. Sometimes its hard to store and maintain documents/items, which can also be quite expensive, could be damage which is irreparable

    Some of the common problems faced by customers:

    • Storage too expensive.
    • Have no room to store records.
    • Struggling to manage records yourself.
    • Controlling costs & budget is difficult.
    • Manpower is not living up-to expectations, etc.

Digitization is much more accessible as it can be accessed from any computer which can reduce clients time and expenses and helps preserve the original valuable items which increases their longevity and value. Throwing out money of storage facilities just to fulfill the need for documentation is totally wastage of money and time. Digitized-it provides comes with many solutions for digital storage of client's business documents, personal documents and everything else. Our unique client-centric approach deals with the needs of the client's in every aspects of digitization process and provide the key information to the client's almost immediately, greatly enhancing client's service.

  • We are available to help on any matter.
  • Saves Documents & File storage.
  • Service is 100% efficient.
  • Reliable Records Management.
  • We never lose a document.
  • Always talk to you.
  • Solve your problems.
  • Save your money.
  • Save you time & worry.
  • Protect our 100% track record.
  • Deliver high customer satisfaction.
  • Streamline Business processes.
  • Manage and Preserve Data.
  • Create Continuous Data Availability.
  • Minimize Paper Storage.
  • Eliminate Manual Searches.
  • Improve Information Availability - Create Multi-point Access.
  • Increase Information Security.
  • Enhance Productivity.
  • Recognize Resources.
  • Set time period.
  • Scope and Meaning of Digitization.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Requirements Gathering.
  • Recommend Solution.
  • Document and Validate Approach.
  • Establish Project plan
  • Address Test cases, Backup, support, system documentation.
  • Finalize solution design.
  • Develop solution.
  • Include modification.
  • Set output.

"Customer satisfaction is our prime motive"

Packages and Prices can be change without any prior notice. Package prices are inclusive of application taxes, if any. Connect with digitized-it to know discounts, tariffs and other exciting offers. Digitized-it is growing an understanding towards the ever-growing client needs and performing services timely. Our packages process is creating countless opportunities to the client's, which helps in pushing the boundaries of creativity.

Digitized-it is an expert in Digitization services globally and swiftly placing its foot mark through convenient and simple service to give peace, calm and satisfaction to the clients where money will be wasted or additional risks incurred by poor selection of records.