Scanning :

  • Documents will be scanned as per the outputs, resolutions and formats specified.
  • Quality check will be carried out ensuring the readability of its contents.
  • The physical documents would be sent for re-filing in the original files.
  • Scanning is done in grayscale, black & white and color.
  • Automatic/Manual scanning and OCR indexing is also done.

Indexing :

  • Indexing will be done through industry leading software using the most advanced capture tools and data entry applications.
  • Validations for allowed characters to maintain control on erroneous data entry.
  • Quality Control will be provided ensuring best quality of the image & accuracy of indexed data.
  • Any rejections would be sent back to for re-scanning or re-indexing.
  • Onsite or off-site document imaging and Indexing solutions.

Get help from us :

  • Our secured web hosted service will help you to scan all your documents.
  • Our customers, clients, staff, sales people, customer services, agents can share or view or add content according to their needs.
  • We can provide a cabinet of paper on a searchable database on 1 CD.
  • We can help you in setting up your scan system with use of MFD’s and flatbeds.
  • We also provide full audit trail to furnish 'chain of custody'.