Project Methodology and Process Work-flow:

  • Received Hard-copy documents from client.
  • Document Preparation Procedure starts; Remove staples, sort pages & insert bar-code separator sheets.
  • After Document preparation, document proceed to Scan Station Section where image scanning with bar-code and quality inspection has been done.
  • After Scan Station process document re-assembled and sent it to their respective client.

Between Scan Station and Re-assemble process, Images Server plays an important role to complete this process.

Image Server proceed the document to Network and Sharing Center, where Image processing, Indexing, Quality Assurance has been done. After that documents has been stored to Client's Central Data Repository where Client can Repository access through authorized terminals.

Registration Stage --> Preparation --> Scanning --> Refilling - Re-Preparation --> Indexing --> Quality Control --> Release of Images/DB.

Digitized-it is one of the leading providers of document Scanning Solutions effectively blending both electronic document management and archiving policies to provide economies of scale and seamless transition. We have a systematic approach that creates document scanning, records retention and protection strategy that matches you specific requirements for archiving, accessing, securing, and managing your critical data.

We recognize that implementing a strategic approach to electronic document management takes preparation, experience, and versatile information management solutions that provide easy access, while offering secure archival and storage as well as professional project reporting and work-flow management. Whether your goal is to have a paperless office or to convert just a portion of your documents, transitioning a Paper Document into a Digital Document is a complex process. We can support your migration and manage the entire life-cycle of your critical Documents - from imaging, indexing, viewing, processing to archiving.

Large Format Scanners:

  • To scan A2/A1/A0 drawings as well as long over-sized drawings of up to 15-20 meters length and up-to 54" width.

Small Format Scanners:

  • To scan A5/A4/3 documents as well as A3 drawings with lengths of up-to 25 meters.


  • Top industry practices in software management for indexing and cataloging, with facilities to customize applications suited to individual projects


  • Virtual Re-Scan technology enabling image enhancement on the go electronically. Eliminating the need of re-scanning the paper materials thus preserving it at the same time.

Onsite or off-site document imaging and Indexing solutions.

Highly specialized and experienced team.

Strict quality control and testing process.

Flexible solutions to match DPI requirements with image quality.

Use of latest technology, Hardware and Software.

An item/document is selected for digitization. Tracking data are compiled so that the document's whereabouts are always known. Documents are sent out to be digitized. An expert scans or digitally photographs documents to create in appropriate type. After that expert maintain the records and make digital objects search-able for each digitized document. Documents/digital files are then converted into appropriate forms which can also be accessible and available online. Documents and digital files are returned for quality control analysis.

Digitized-it will consider this proposal as an estimated cost based on the e-mail and information received from Project Owner team/leader in charge. Any changes or amendments that take place after the date of this proposal will affect the pricing & terms of this proposal and entail a revision.

If any changes or variations on this proposal are requested by the client and/or End user during digitization process or during project execution stage, Digitized-it has right to change time-lines, prices and scope of work.

Client also understands & agrees that in case the new profile also contains a change in index type & quantity, and/or contains a change in the page/document ratio, and/or contains a variation in the sub-classes, then the rate/price of such profile will be revised to reflect the change(s). The change in pricing will be calculated on the whole project, and invoices that follow will be include the amount that reconcile previous invoices.

Document Collection:

  • Scanning team will receive documents at the scanning area.
  • All files will be logged at the time of receipt to enable parties to track the documents at any point throughout the process.

Document Preparation:

  • Document preparation team will prepare the documents for scanning - removing staple pins repairing damaged sheets, etc.
  • Files will be segregated & prepared for scanning.
  • Batches will be created to efficiently scan the documents through Auto Document feeder to enhance productivity.
  • Digitized-it will scan the documents in their original page sequence. Rates would be revised in case client request otherwise.


  • Documents will be scanned as per the outputs, resolutions and formats specified.
  • Quality check will be carried out ensuring the readability of its contents.
  • The physical documents would be sent for re-filing in the original files.

Document Re-filing:

  • Documents will be re-filed by re-stapling each document & placing batch as is in original container.
  • The page orientation will not be altered.
  • Disclaimer: Once documents leave the scanning room and Project Owner and/or End User signs the acknowledgment of receipt of documents, Digitized-it will not be responsible in case any alteration of the contents of any file is observed.


  • Indexing will be done through industry leading software using the most advanced capture tools and data entry applications.
  • Validations for allowed characters to maintain control on erroneous data entry.

Quality Control:

  • Quality Control will be provided ensuring best quality of the image & accuracy of indexed data.
  • Any rejections would be sent back to for re-scanning or re-indexing.


  • Once QC is completed, the electronic documents will be released for Client to verify, accept and confirm. Then, once quality verification is completed by End User.
  • To constantly evaluate the progress made against the plan, progress reports would be submitted periodically and will include:
    • Digitization process reports will be updated to Client.
    • All major activity logs as generated by the system.

Back-up of Digitized Data:

  • Digitized-it will conserve the batches in process and Database on an external hard disk for a duration after project handover, until warranty expires. This is in case it is proved that the data provided to the client is erroneous us and does not comply with technical specification agreed mutually in the project contract and/or SOP (Standard Operating Procedure).
  • Finalized batches & output meta-data will be provided to Client on external media periodically, which is acknowledged by the Client. This practice is subject to safekeeping by Client/End User as per their organization's IT backup policies in place.
  • We preserve original valuable items which increases their longevity and value.
  • We give many solutions for digital storage of customer documents.
  • 100% audit and detailed manifesting of documents.
  • Scan on Demand.
  • Document Prep, Scanning, Indexing, Quality Control, Upload of images and meta-data to customer's system.
  • Special Project Scanning.
  • Our unique customer-centric approach deals with the needs of the customer in every aspects of digitization process and provide the key information to almost immediately, greatly enhancing customer's service.

End User/Client Responsibilities:

  • Client shall provide complete details on any existing file structure system as soon as the project the project is awarded in order for Project owner and/or Digitized-it to ascertain the requirements. This will be required before vendor team starts working with the departments and their file structure.
  • Arrange uninterrupted flow of files and documents for the Digitized-it Scanning Team to ensure production continuity and adherence to the Project Time-line.
  • A second Quality Control process will be performed by Client and/or End User staff to verify, accept and confirm the quality of the images and the indexed data. Client should verify the output and accept the quality; else it will be considered as accepted.

Client (Project Owner) Operational Responsibilities:

  • Client shall provide complete details on any existing file structure system as soon as the project the project is awarded in order for Project owner and/or Digitized-it to ascertain the requirements. This will be required before vendor team starts working with the departments and their file structure.
  • We will fully co-ordinate with Client to agree and finalize the file structure, both in terms of sub classifications/Drop downs/Indexes per file-docs, which will be drafted in an SOP. All parameters shall not lapse the quality caps.

Ensure, in co-ordination withe end user, the arrangement of uninterrupted flow of files & documents into scanning area to safeguard production continuity and adhere to the project time-line.

Our professional team having years of experience in digitization perform their skills and talent in the best possible way to reach client-centric goals which are higher in the demand. Digitized-it is committed, determined, confident and farsighted to meet the demands of clients within shortest possible lag turnaround time.