Q1. What is digitization?

A. Digitization is a process of converting an object, image, sound, document in digital form. Digitizing information makes it easier to preserve, access, and share.

Q2. What Type of Documents are we digitizing?

A. We Convert All Specialized Financial, Legal, Procurement, Admin, Personal, Other Documents in Digital Form. On the other hand from slides to projector films to video tapes, we transfer it all and we do it with care and precision.

Q3. What about audio/visual materials?

A. Digitized-it support all types of media, specially for the conversion of audio and visual materials. Our professionals have years of experience to work in this particular area.

Q4. How quickly will the projects be completed?

A. The complete process of digitization depends on the type of documents you want to digitized. First, the size, scope and type of materials proposed for digitization will determine the length of time it takes to complete.

Q5. Do you understand the importance of documents and can you guarantee they are well cared for?

A. Yes, we know the importance of your documents, as they are valuable, useful and significant. We handle it on personnel level. We can assure you that documents given to us will remain in safe hands and kept as secure as possible during scanning and transfer.

Q6. How will you ensure quality?

A. We examine the accuracy, quality, or condition and verify documents on each and every process of digitization. We convert documents in digital form with the highest quality standards.

Q7. What is the acceptable format of artwork?

A. The acceptable formats of artwork are jpeg, tif, gif, pcx, jpg, cdr, cpt, ai, eps, pdf, wmf, pct or pict, bmp. If you have a format other than the above common listed formats here, send it anyway we are good at this.

Q8. Do you send back my originals?

A. Yes! We always return original documents/items to our client's.

Q9. How much does it cost?

A. Our pricing is simple and affordable. Please visit www.digitized-it.com for a full list of services.

Q10. How to contact you?

A. Call us on: 000-0000-000 or mail us on:

Q11. Why choose digitized-it?

A. We maintain, save and protect your physical/logical data.
High-quality scanning to your specification.
We makes data compatible with all modes of digital data transfer.
We help you to reduce storage, management and access costs.
Import digital files into and managed with the use of software programs.