Following Documents can be access from anywhere, anytime:

Financial Documents:

Financial documents can be costly to keep, can be easily destroyed or stolen, hard to search. Digitized-it will help in image capturing, taking photo using digital camera or cell phone which is the best way to get digital records.

Legal Documents:

Client's can access information, they no need to get back to the office to track down and wait for a paper document to be retrieved from off-site storage. Digitization increase client satisfaction due to faster response and reduce security/privacy risks. Customer agreements, Vendor agreements, Assets documents can be converted into digital format.

Procurement related:

Digitization can be done in case of Purchase, Warranty, AMC related. Digital technology - cloud, mobile devices, social media and big data - can deliver improved procurement performance through reduced costs, faster access to information, flexibility in working, increased innovation and creativity and improved procurement intelligence.


It's all about Vendor related and maintenance related. Organizing the documents, naming the files according to conventional naming standards, indexing, etc.


It includes digitization of Customer Application form (CAF) and with the help of Conditional Random Field (CRF) pixels of digitized items can be recognized. Digitized assets saves money and time of clients. Our team provide services to facilitate the digitization of asset data, allowing maintenance personnel to easily locate visual information for equipment, parts or locations.

Personal Documents

Personal Documents:

It refers to personal multimedia such as home movies, slides and photographs is a popular method of preserving and sharing older repositories. Slides and photographs may be scanned using an image scanner and digital preservation is also done for their personal collections.