We Convert your documents/items in digital form

and makes it easier to preserve, access and share.

What is Digitized-IT?

Digitized-it is a global leader in digitization services with focus on customer-centric goals to furnish finest quality services with a great manpower through quality services, headquarters in New Delhi.

Following Documents can be access from anywhere, anytime:

Financial Documents:

Financial documents can be costly to keep, can be easily destroyed or stolen, hard to search... Read more

Legal Documents:

Client's can access information, they no need to get back to the office to track down and wait for a paper... Read more

Procurement Related:

Digitization can be done in case of Purchase, Warranty, AMC related. Digital technology - cloud, mobile... Read more


It's all about Vendor related and maintenance related. Organizing the documents, naming the files according... Read more


It includes digitization of Customer Application form (CAF) and with the help of Conditional Random Field... Read more

Personal Documents:

It refers to personal multimedia such as home movies, slides and photographs is a popular method... Read more

Personal Data Protection Act, 2012 (PDPA), you can handle, manage and secure your personal data which is easy to collect, use and disclose.

Browser Privacy:

Today modern browsers have an splendid arrangement in respect of privacy enhancing capabilities and options.

Website Privacy:

We take utmost protection in terms of website privacy. Our servers collect some information about you like.

Email Privacy:

We send Emails frequently to maintain or to establish business as email was inherently work-related.

Mobile Privacy:

Smart-phones, innovative applications and services are growing rapidly and privacy is an important factor to it.

Best online privacy practices:

Encryption to protect your data

Use a PC you know is secure

Use security software

Control Print Environment:

The ideal solution is a comprehensive approach that enable companies to gain full control of the print environment.

Digitization refers to a process of representing data (analog signal) in digital form wherein data acquired from books, paper documents, periodicals or image files, audio and video, are converted into a single binary code or in digital form. It is the main key for storing printed photos and taped videos in appropriate form for further transmission and computer processing through latest technology software's to provide unique/quality with the documentation. Digitization comes with the benefits, as it's not only promote greater staff in a flexible manner. It helps keeping records with digital systems by taking time and improve client service.

Goal and Objectives of Digitized-it:

Client's satisfaction is the prime goal of every company, as satisfied client's are more likely to return to make further purchases.

Delivering the most accurate and deep understanding, value added experience to our clients.

Delivering service within time encourage us to reach client's goals. A target date and some milestone help keep things on track.

Improving productivity and reducing operating expenses.

Scanning & Digitization Purpose


- Streamline Business processes.
- Manage and Preserve Data.

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Business Model(Types of Digitization):

1) Digital Access Only :
2) Local Digital Access :

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Why Choose Us

  1. We maintain, save and protect your physical/logical data.
  2. We maintain, save and protect your physical/logical data.
  3. High-quality scanning to your specification.
  4. We makes data compatible with all modes of digital data transfer.
  5. Project consulting.
  6. We help you to reduce storage, management and access costs.
  7. Import digital files into and managed with the use of software programs.
  8. We help you to make your business efficient, hassle-free and better plan for business continuity.
  9. Makes digital files read, compressed, transferred and retrieved over computer networks.
  10. Focus on quality and standards.
  11. We reformat, edit and print when data is not fixed, as with paper or printed text.